Imperial IHPA-6-36 36" Hot Plates, 6 Burners


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PyroCentric™ Burner heads are standard
- Two rings of flame for even cooking no matter the pan size,
- PyroCentric 32,000 BTU (9 KW) anti-clogging burner with a 7,000 BTU/hr. (2 KW) low simmer feature

Optional burner heads
- Optional, interchangeable Saute and Wok Jet burner heads

Lift-off front grates
- 12" x 13" (305 x 330 mm) size
- Heavy-duty cast iron construction
- Anti-clogging pilot hood shields pilot from grease and debris
- Grate actually provides the shield
- Pots slide easily from section to section

Lift-off back grates
- 12" x 13" (305 x 330 mm) size back grate
- Sized for positioning large stock pots directly over burner
- Hot air dam deflects heat onto the stock pot
- Protects backguard from direct flame discoloration

Exterior features
- Range match profile when placed on a refrigerated base or equipment stand
- Stainless steel front, sides and ledge
- Welded stainless steel seams
- Large 5" (127 mm) stainless steel landing ledge
- Control knobs are durable cast aluminum with a Valox™ heat protection grip
- Full width crumb tray
- 4" (102 mm) heavy duty legs with adjustable feet
- One year parts and labor warranty


Model number IHPA-6-36
Power type Natural or LP gas
Manifold pressure Natural gas: 5.0, LPG: 10.0
Total BTU/hr. 192,000 (56 KW)
Installation type Counter top model
Open burner output 32,000 BTU (9 KW)
Low simmer output 7,000 BTU (2 KW)
Burner style PyroCentric, dual flame
Burner material Cast iron
Number of burners 6 open burners
Removable Yes
Ignition type Pilot
Grate style Anti-clogging, shield design
Grate material Cast iron
Front grate size 12" x 11" (305 x 279 mm)
Back grate size 12" x 13" (305 x 330 mm)
Gaskets/screws No
Wrap material Stainless steel exterior, except back
Control knobs Aluminum with Valox™ heat protecting grip
Dimensions 36" w x 31-3/8" d x 10-3/4" h (914 x 797 x 273 mm)
Legs 4" (102 mm) stainless steel, adjustable feet
Crated dimensions 38-1/2" w x 34" d x 12" h (978 x 864 x 304 mm)
Ship weight 210 Lbs. (95 Kg)


One year parts and labor warranty
24 - 36 inches
100K - 200K
Number of Burners:
Burner Style:
Dual Flame
Power Type:
Natural Gas
Installation Type: