Omcan Pacojet 1 System


Product Discontinued/No Longer Available

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Replaced by Pacojet 2 PLUS
  • Pacotizing enhances natural flavor and produces a superior end product of exceptional consistency and taste.
  • Freezing locks in freshness and aroma. No preservatives, no additives needed.
  • Enables reduction in sugar and fat without sacrificing quality or taste.
  • Saves time, labor, raw material. Eliminates straining through a sieve.
    Fast! Makes 1 liter in under 4 minutes.
  • Very versatile. Many applications.
  • Convenient: prepare recipes anytime, then freeze and store until needed.
  • Processes without breaking freezing chain. Partly used beaker can be safely put back in freezer. NO WASTAGE!
  • Crystallization is no longer an issue because beakers can be “repacotized” several times without loss in quality
  • Cleaning cycle takes only 1 minute.

Product Specifications

Model NumberPACOJET 1
Manufacturer Item Number39671
Rated Input Power1000 Watts
Beaker Capacity1 L / 1.2 QT
Electrical110V-120V / 60 Hz
Ideal Pacotizing Temperature-22°C / -8°F
Dimensions (DWH)15” x 8” x 20”
Weight30 lbs.


1 Year Parts and Labor
0 - 12 inches
Control Type:

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