Chase Doors 8802 Freezer Door Strip Curtain Unit

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Standard Features

8" x 0.080" Thick Material

Model 8801, 8802, & 8803 – The most functional door we offer (25%, 50% NS 75% Overlap). Can be used for freezer/cooler openings, partitions, dust barriers, and smaller shipping/receiving openings. Light lift truck traffic is ok. For greater seal, more overlap should be specified. Not recommended for windy/negative pressure conditions. Available in Standard, Colorview, USDA (low temperature), Lock-Rib (Standard and USDA), welding screen and safety orange materials. Maximum heights – 8801 (25% OL) – 96”. 8802 (50% OL) –144. 8803 (75% OL) –192”.


Brand Chase Doors
Model 8802-40X84
Width (in.) 40
Height (in.) 84
Stripe Width x Thickness 8" x 0.080"
Strip Overlap 2"
Max. Door height 12'
Application Type Light Industrial
Strip Curtains